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Molinari: a questionable death

Series: «Histoires»
© 2011

When Inspector Roland Molinari began his assignment at the Police department located in Lugano, he did not expect that right from the start of his investigative duties, certainly not boring even during his time in Lausanne, he would be challenged with so many eye-openers. Used to a certain type of criminal way of thinking, during his first case he realized that the lives of some of the inhabitants of villages along the shores of this lake were not always free of mysteries, mysteries not observable in the suggestive postcards tourists tend to buy. The authorities did not appreciate the finding of the body of Salvatore Gangemi in Melide due to his connections to the Italian ‘ndrangheta which turned a simple case into an investigation with complications. The apparently unrelated deaths of the journalist, Paolino Botta, and Alfredo, owner of the Ristorante Corallo, brought to light a multifaceted criminal scheme motivated by sheer greed, family connections, and unrestrained sex. Molinari’s intuition and independent actions, often in disagreement with his superior’s ideas, made it possible to uncover the truth, although at times he did not pay enough attention to Valentina, the new love of his life.


2005 - 2011