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The little Jerusalem

Series: ォHistoires dangereusesサ
ゥ 2006

Is something important happening in Europe and no one notices? Or someone knows the truth but keeps quiet? The story, at first, seems unbelievable. But if we took the time to better understand the news items, those overlooked by the general public, then maybe, just maybe, the story would not seem so unbelievable as originally thought. After having read this story, your sleep may be more uneasy. Don稚 worry too much, the world will continue as is, as it has done for many centuries. The sun will continue to rise each morning, you値l rush off to work late as usual, you値l pick up your children from school, you値l think about the next summer holidays, you値l pay your dues and taxes, and so on and so forth. In other words, you値l keep on doing what you池e already doing today. Of course, looking around you, there would be some minor changes. The bureaucrats and lawmakers of today, whom you obey, may dress differently and not agree with your opinions. As different as you look when you observe your children being accompanied by your fie dressed in a splendid Burka. All this is possible, unless


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