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Didier and the Pygmalion lover

Series: «Les cahiers noirs»
© 2003

Can a man change people? Can people who have hidden qualities change to such a point that they improve themselves? In truth, this was what lawyer Paul Swann was attempting to do. But as so often happens, an individual can not always have everything he wants, especially when he takes his so-called “mission” too seriously. One fine day the lawyer is found dead in his bed. Did he die of natural causes or was he murdered? The question is permissible since, in consequence, many other people have vanished into thin air. Have they fled, disappeared or been killed? The Swann case is intricate and once again Commissioner Didier is confronted with complex investigations and hounded by Press and TV. Inspector Mulé will have to accept a newcomer to their team. A psychologist sent by the Prefect because now it seems no longer sufficient to investigate those persons responsible of a crime but one must also obtain the psychological portrait of the victims in order to solve a case. In the end, all’s well and sold but not exactly to Didier’s complete


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