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Didier and the Lugano gossips

Series: «Les cahiers noirs»
© 2002

Agnès Didier, Chief Inspector of the Paris crime squad, was sure to spend some relaxing days in Lugano. A normal meeting between European police officers. But as it so often happens to those who delude themselves, she becomes involved in a mysterious local murder, which is so brutal that it had been years since the newspapers registered anything similar. Lugano is small. She and her Swiss colleagues must deal with a situation rendered difficult by the very particular character of the deceased, Signora Katharina Frisch. With the usual woman’s intuition and the help from the group of local gossips, Didier will manage, brilliantly, to solve this strange and horrible murder case. The Chief of Police Belli gave Commissario Lamberti a definite deadline, Sunday 5 October, the final day of the annual Festa della Vendemmia (Grape Harvest Festival), at which time he wants to announce the solution of the case to the Press. There will be an announcement, amidst several unexpected events.


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