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Didier and the anchorite

Series: «Les cahiers noirs»
© 1997

It is only a short time that Chief Inspector Agnès Didier has been head of the Criminal Division in Paris. It is not her choice. The actual Commissioner is absent and so she is put in charge of a group of men who, from the very first moment, have difficulty accepting her. From the start all call her Commissioner, maybe more tongue in cheek than out of conviction. But, as it usually happens to smart women, her first case is a total success, having solved the death of Refus the Astrologer, thus earning the admiration of her colleagues. It’s in this work atmosphere that she must solve a series of extremely intricate murder cases. Not only because of the different personalities of the deceased but also because of the mysterious persons who seem to be implicated. Thanks to her determination and that of her colleagues, a bit of luck added, in the end all becomes clear. Risky investigations, totally unexpected events, a surprising finale.


2005 - 2011