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Gaston J. Algard

A writer with an adventurous life

Gaston Javier Algard born in 1938 in Ballang (Cagayan, Philippines), son of an English father (Joseph G. Algard) and Filipino mother (Marisol F. Javier), shortly after he was brought to Europe by his father, an official of Foreign Office, to save by Japanese invaders during World War II. He entrusted the boy to an Italian cousin in Milan who, in turn, recorded the boy at City Hall as his and wife son to protect him from Italian fascist laws that would be considered an enemy. Deaths both biological parents during the war, Algard remained in Italy as an Italian citizen. Subsequently he worked professionally with various companies and consultant to the magistrates. After leaving the profession he returned to the Philippines and, while retaining the name and Italian citizenship, he reacquired his names registered at birth and his motherís nationality. A short time later he also obtained the British nationality of the father. The Author normally writes their stories in Italian because this language allows greater flexibility in the narrative, he says. Since 1993 he has completed more than 30 novels. He continues to write between Switzerland, Italy, Malta and Philippines.

Algard the novelist

The Author seems to have a special knowledge of the criminal mentality, because crime and wickedness often hide where not apparent. His stories are not the classic thriller or polar, the French-style thriller. One can certainly talk of investigations but in the style of Algard. Sometimes, with subtle irony, he brings out the humorous side of seemingly serious events, not neglecting to highlight serious social problems. All of the above without taking away any emotional suspense from the reader, who finds himself forced to turn the page to learn more of the story.

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